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  • Holy Week Schedule

    Mar. 29: Holy Thursday - 6 pm - Mass of the Lord's Supper
    Mar. 30: Good Friday - Stations of the Cross 6pm, Passion of the Lord, 7 pm.
    Mar. 31 Easter Vigil - 8 pm
    Apr. 1: Easter Masses: 8:30, 11:00,       1 pm Spanish

  • Life Teen Blog

    • If there was a mixtape of the biggest hits from the first few hundred years of Christianity, it would be filled with tracks from the Church Fathers -- the OGs of Catholicism.
    • Romero is a perfect example of the inextricable link between orthodoxy and the call to resist injustices of the world; his life (and eventual death) proves that you don’t have to choose between one...
    • Today, despite same-sex attractions and transgender inclinations being a part of my story, self-identifying as gay, transgender, or even straight is something I choose not to do.