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  • please pray for Deacon Larry and Rita Casey

    Deacon Larry Casey and wife Rita Casey were in an automobile accident Sunday, October 7th in Blairsville. Larry has a broken sternum, and a couple of ribs. Rita was airlifted to Gainesville NE Georgia Medical Center with broken ribs and a possible punctured lung. Both are in stable condition. 
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    • Sure, striving to be better, that’s part of it. But the other part is never forgetting that you and I -- just as we are -- are also enough.
    • I often felt I didn’t fit in a cultural box. I wasn’t Hispanic enough, and I wasn’t American enough. This was especially difficult with my family.
    • You can learn a lot about people by stalking their social media or asking their friends about them, but you can’t actually get to know someone until you spend time with him or her. The saints are no...